Hi, Kim-Dave here. I'm a dad of 2 little ones. As any parent can attest, those precious moments when your children are still at the chubby-cheeked, giggly stage are incredibly fleeting. I wanted to freeze those moments in such a way as to relive the joy of their childhood for years to come.

Like most people, with just my phone's camera and the boundless energy of my two small explorers, we embarked on capturing family adventures. From sandy shores to misty mountains, we collected snapshots and videos that painted intriguing stories of adventure. But what would transform those memories into something more experiential? Combining the best of those videos into one Highlight, paired with tangible memorabilia—something to withstand the test of time and tell the story of our family in a way that was as unique as each fleeting moment.

My Vacay Reel was built to make it easy for families from around the globe to transform their cherished memories into beautiful keepsakes. Every Highlight Video and every page turned is a journey through the laughter, the unexpected, and the pure love that binds a family together. So, whether you've danced in the rain, explored hidden trails, or simply shared a lazy Sunday afternoon at home, let us turn those snippets of time into timeless treasures that you and your family can hold close forever. Welcome to our story – we can't wait to help you tell yours. 📸

—Kim-Dave (founder)